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How to Write a Book in 7 Easy Steps

We are all full of ideas and experiences. Many of us are fond of writing a book and wish to share our thoughts in form of a novel. A few of us manage to write a creative book but many get stuck in the middle.

When I was about to write a book, I was too worried about How to start? But later, I started working slowly towards book writing.

Even when I started creative writing, I had to make many changes and revisions. So it took me around 8 months to finalise my first novel.

My second novel took another six months to get completed. The creative writing process continued and gave wings to my consulting career. I started providing consulting solutions to Authors and Publishers. During the same time, I figured out and created solutions for them.

Here I will discuss the same fundamentals which I found perfect for writing a book:

  • Jot down your ideas and concepts
  • Create a title for your novel
  • Theme Base Planning
  • Character Sketch Planning
  • Synopsis
  • Start Writing Chapter in Sequence
  • Proof Reading

Jot down your ideas and concepts

Are you dreaming of writing a novel?

You will certainly have some ideas and thoughts in mind. Let us jot it down together and find a clear picture.  You should create a new document and start writing your ideas together.

It may take hours or even days. There is no need to get panic if it takes long. The ideas will lead the destination for your title.

You can start creating a central idea to give a clear picture. A Central Idea is the amalgamation of all your raw ideas in an easy-peasy way.

After creating the central idea, you will be able to make theme based planning. But before that I suggest you to create a title name for your novel.

You may change or replace it anytime, but creating it now will give a rough sketch for your book. 

Create a Title for your Book

Every book deserves a unique name. Your upcoming novel too deserves its own unique identity. You can gather out your title from the Central Idea.

Here’s how you can do it:

-Go through your central idea

-Create some random names which fit the best

-Search the names on the Internet to make sure that your title name is unique

-If a name is already present there, then you can use synonyms or rhyming words (if possible) to give it a unique stand.

For Example, if you are about to write a book on a horror series and the title you wrote is “The Deadliest Paradox”. But suddenly you identify a hit title with the same name.

Now what can you do?

You can search for its synonyms instead. You can either make “The Enigma of Deadliest Night” or give it a different name with sound meaning. Example: The Specter in the Mist.

Theme Base Planning

Theme Base Planning is a key planning for identifying the base of the novel. The whole manuscript revolves around the theme. So a theme base planning is recommended before writing a book.

How to prepare the theme based planning?

-Identify genres for your novel:

You can create multiple genres for your novel. Example: You may want to include love, war, and comedy together. Or you may want to write on Travel, Friendship, and Mystery.

-Identify and write the key message behind the novel:

For example, you may want to conclude that true friendship is everlasting.  And then your theme will be based on “True Friends never leave us in hard times”.  

A theme is specifically a message which the Author wants to convey in his manuscript. 

Writing a Novel
Stages of Writing a Novel

Character Sketch Planning

The fourth process involves introducing characters in novel. The characters are key ingredients of title which give life to a story.

There are two ways to introduce characters:

1. The characters are introduced even before writing the synopsis. The writer then creates a synopsis and fits all the characters inside the story.

2. The writer creates the synopsis and then analyse the different characters required in the story.

Both the processes are perfect. You can choose anyone which makes you comfortable.

Writing Synopsis of Novel

A synopsis is a detailed quick description of the novel. It includes the entire novel summarized in few pages. The synopsis will act as the torch light for the novel.

As the whole story is based on synopsis, so you need to put extra efforts to create an amazing synopsis for your title. You can see the future of your novel in the synopsis.

It is the most integral part as it makes the route map for the novel. You may take many days to create a synopsis. Do not stop until not satisfied.

Start Writing Chapters in Sequence

The complete long story can be divided into small sections or chapters. This will make the novel in an order and not congested.

You can start creating fundamentals and giving a fresh start. The most hectic tasks are over now.

However, there’s still a small mark left.

Whenever you complete a title, take a look back to it. Make sure that you are writing as per the base. You can now move ahead and continue. Please remember the same process till the last chapter.

Proof Reading

The last process involves cross checking your novel. You can start reading your title to make sure that it is correct. A slow reading will help you identify errors (if any).

Pro Suggestion: You can send your manuscript to your closer ones. Tell them to look for errors while reading. You can now go through the errors and eliminate it. Only send it to the ones who really care about you.

You can now check publishers and submit your title to them. Good luck for your novel.

If you want to know to know more on writing and publishing, please write to me on aayushvermaofficial@gmail.com or connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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