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6 Steps for Traditional Publishing Your Novel

Book Publishing is always the dream goal of every Author. As it takes much effort to write a book, therefore, every Author focuses towards getting published from a traditional publisher.

 But sadly, there are only few traditional publishers who capture the large publishing market. However, in comparison to that there are millions of books submitted to these publications.

 This itself shows how lesser is the possibility of getting selected. The traditional publishers are often very selective on choosing the titles. These publications make money by selling the books, and not the services to the Authors.

 The quality production of traditional publishers makes the books perform much better than any other. This is the reason why many of us switch towards traditional publishing

 Even if there is a tough battle, there are possibilities too. Your novel can also be among the few names.

 But all it needs is to follow the right process of traditionally publishing a book. So as we both wish the same goals, so here is the way!

 In this blog, we will see the step wise procedures of traditionally publishing a novel.

  • List out the Publishers 
  • Check out the submission guidelines
  • Submit your novel
  • Hold and give time for editing
  • Be active and proceed with next round
  • The next level up 

List out the Traditional Publishers

In this first step, you need to check out the publishers who accept your genres. You need to do a deep web research to prepare a list of favourable publishers.

Please note that you don’t have to jot down all publication open for new submissions. It will be a totally waste of time to do so.

So which type of publications should I choose?

Here are the things you can consider before choosing the right traditional publisher for your novel:

-Area of publishing:

Every publication house deals in different areas. The research publications may not be considering fantasy novels. So identify those publishers who are open to publish your book.

 -Track Record:

Many publishers are not what they represent. So you need to check the track record of the publishers. You can check out how many bestselling books came out of that publication.


Did they all deserve or you feel like there’s something wrong in there?

Yes I’m saying so because many of the book publishers who prove their titles to be bestsellers were genuinely not.

It was just a marketing stunt to drive more Authors towards them.

Check out the submission guidelines

Traditional Publishers have their own guidelines mentioned on their website or submission form.

As a second step, you need to check out these guidelines and prepare your submission accordingly.

Always remember that the editors are more serious about these guidelines. Many good books may get rejected just because it doesn’t follows the standards as set by the publication.

The editors do not put much attention if the guidelines are not followed. Writers who avoid this end up losing one of the few available opportunities.

Therefore, it is important to consider the guidelines before submitting the novel.

Send submissions to traditional publishing your novel

Great work! You are now ready to submit your book. You can start submitting your novel to target publishers.

Submit your novel to all the publishers who are ready to accept similar titles like yours.

The process is a bit complex to do it all. So you can prepare an MS-Excel Sheet and tick mark the ones where you have already sent the novel.

Traditional Publishing Novel
Steps of Traditionally Publishing a Novel

Hold On And Give Time for Editing

Next, you need to hold on for the next call to action. You can choose this time to identify other publishers.

If you are sure about submitting on all the possible places then just relax.

Many publications ask for only 3-4 sample chapters of the title. In the next step, they ask for complete manuscript if your title gets shortlisted.

So you can prepare your novel for the next submission. You can start editing your title once again. If you do so, your title will be crisp and clear to understand by the Editors.

This will increase the chances of getting a selection email from your publisher.

(Note: Sometimes I use the name “title” in place of “books” or “novels’. Please mind that all these are same things).

Be active and proceed with next round

I’m sure you will further receive the shortlisting notification from the Editors.

So you are now set to enter in second round. Now, you should go through the procedures for second submission.

You need to be proactive and respond to Editors as early as possible. The next thing is to wait and not to lose patience.

The next level up

Now there are two possibilities: Whether you have got selected, or your title was put in pipeline. You should stay confident in both these cases.

Because there is a very long journey of getting published your book. At every step, both your patience and confidence will act as key pillar towards your selection.

I’m sure you will do it. And always remember that there are always opportunities for talented minds like you!


Every writer is lucky as they hold the name of amazing books in their hands. May you get published and become successful soon. I wish you all the very best wishes for your new book. Cheers!

 If you want to know more on writing and publishing, please write to me on or connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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