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Story Writing: 7 Key Components for Every Novel Story

So far we have already learnt how to write a novel, create a title and build a theme. In this blog, we will introduce the 7 key components of story writing for your novel.

Besides these 7 components, there is one more thing which plays a crucial role. And that is simplicity. Nearly every successful novel holds the simplicity level of the Author.

Every bestselling book we read today is simply awesome. So there is nothing like difficulty and rigidity. All the successful books began with extraordinary ideas and simplicity level. This is what makes the title loved by larger audience.

We have now understood the need of simplicity inside novels.

So let us now see the seven key components of writing creative story in novel:

  • Define the characters of novel.
  • Create a memorable character sketch.
  • Define the role of characters.
  • Set up the key locations.
  • Set up various events and incidents.
  • Creating a mixed scene inside your novel story.
  • Problems and their determined solutions.

Define the characters of novel

The first step towards writing a captivating story is defining characters of a novel. The characters are those elements which truly represent the story.

Every story scene is created out of expressive characters. It totally depends upon how well we define the characters of our novel.

Here are ways of defining the characters for your novel:

-First of all, study the different character sets required in your title.

-Then identify and create personalised characters according to the requirements.

Quickies: Most importantly, consider focusing on the factors such as age, gender and qualities, etc.

-After personalising the characters, create identification for each of them. Give a unique name to each of your characters.

-You can either create names by yourself or  take help from various  name generator tools.

Create a memorable character sketch

So it important to realise that a memorable character sketch is what makes the story more creative alive.

Do you remember the qualities of any of your best characters of any novel/movie?

Obviously there may be different behaviour, attitude, and emotions which made you a fan of that character.

 A memorable character sketch leaves a long lasting impression on the readers. So to move ahead for creative story writing, let’s make our characters memorable.

So here is how we will do it:

-In short, start dealing accordingly for each of your personalised characters.

-Now plan out the different traits which can fit your characters.

-So figure out which type of traits should your character possess.

-For Example:

So now let’s figure out the traits of a character like Ronald Weasley from Harry Potter.

Behaviour: Funny, Moody

Emotions: Highly emotional and carries a good heart.

Nature: Shy, kind and fun loving personality.

Other Traits: Supportive, Loyalty, Worried, Easily absorbed in groups, Focuses much on what other says “about him or friends”.

Define the role of characters: Crucial Fundamental for Creative Story Writing

So notably every character has different roles and activities. Let us figure out and identify the activities and roles of our characters.

First of all, categorise your major and minor characters. Next start curating the roles of each character.

-Professional Role: What is the professional role of a character? It may be a student, lawyer, detective, doctor, etc.

-Personal Role: So eventually the character will be playing either a negative role or a warrior (protective) role?

You may also create suspense and exceptional characters like Professor Severus Snape.

In the beginning story, it was difficult to figure out whether Snape is in favour or against Harry. But it was clarified later. Everyone can identify Severus Snape to be one who is against Harry Potter.

But in the last chapter, we come to know the key protective roles of Professor Snape for Harry Potter.  

Novel Story Writing

Set up the key locations

The key locations are those places where the story takes place. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was the major key location for Harry Potter Series.

The other key location was Ron’s Home where Harry used to visit every summer. There are many more different major and minor locations in the series.

So now you can identify the key locations for your story:

-If you story relates with life of a wildlife expert, then the key locations will be jungle, sanctuary, parks, etc.

-Secondly, what if the wildlife expert is also a guest professor who teaches “Wildlife Forensics” in a college? Then the college can be next hotspot for your novel.

-Third, there may be some other key locations too. What if the wildlife expert quitted his job 2 years before his retirements?

As he was closely associated with nature, he is now looking forward to spend time between nature. He used his savings to set up a theme park and established his home inside park.

So in attention to that what can be the next hotspot?

Off course, the theme park will be the next key location.

Excellent move!

Hence in effect to that you easily figure out  the key locations for your novel.

Set up various events and incidents

As we have finalised the key locations for your novel, let us set up various events and incidents.

Identify what type of scene you want to create in your title? Which incidents are likely to take place in your title?

It may be an experiment, a set-up of business, market shut down, earthquakes, murder, etc.

Remember, a novel is not a standalone roof but it is a composition of events and incidents. You can create multiple incidents and events in your story. 


For Example: Monk Who Sold His Ferrari talks about a lawyer who is going through an imbalanced lifestyle. The lawyer meets different people and goes through different incidents in his journey.

He is introduced with different practices and standards for living a peaceful life. Summarizing all of it, this makes him more peaceful, happy, charming, and optimist.

Creating a mixed scene inside your story

Every daily series includes many melodramas and sentiments aspects. Everyday a new drama or scene is introduced. Shortly, this is what keeps the series going ever and ever.

The most famous series Big Bang Theory ended up with 12 seasons which is still a memory. Now you can easily identify why this series was a great hit!

You can now witness the importance of creating a mixed scene inside your story. A smoother story may not win much hearts than a story with different mixed scenes.

So here are the important spices you should have in your titles:

-A mixed drama, surprises, fun, humour, suspense, comedy, serious and emotional moments, etc.

Problems and their determined solutions

What’s the first thing you look after facing a major problem?

Exactly, the solution is what we all look for. Most of the title which we see is based on a problem cycle. The characters keep solving every minor or major problem throughout the novel.

Meanwhile, a sense of belongingness, some fun, and mystery is added in the title to make it interesting.

So you should start creating some different sets of problems and elongate their solutions in a natural way. Therefore dding some controversies and misunderstanding will make the title even more interesting.

Besides that, you must have a follow up strategy to address the problems in your novel. Remember, you are always independent with minds and heart. So move ahead and start creating a beautiful story for your novel.


It was a sharp move. Congratulations! So finally you are now ready to be the Author of the most promising titles. If you want to know more on writing and publishing, please write to me on or connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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