Self Publishing, Self Publish Novel

Self Publishing Your Novel Using These Simple Steps!

Self-Publishing your novel is an endless hope for every growing as well as established Authors. The concept of self-publishing emerged out of the problems faced in traditional publishing.

It is the smoother way of publishing and marketing your novel. Unlike traditional publishing, self-publishing allows Authors to get their novels published as per their will.

The Authors can provide their own interpretations and suggestions on editing, cover design, formatting, etc.

Self-Publishing a novel just takes an average of 3-4 weeks to get launched. It is not only the fastest but also the flexible way of publishing your book.

 So if you are one of the Authors planning to self-publish your novel, then you are at a right spot.

 Let’s get real insight of stepwise process for self-publishing your novel:

  • Choose a Package
  • Submit Your Novel
  • Make a Payment
  • Review Your Novel
  • All set to go!
  • Start Promotion 

Choose a Self Publishing Package

Self-Publishing offers wide ranges of choices in the hands of Authors. You can select any package to enjoy the mentioned services by the Publication.

Normally, the self-publisher offers three publishing packages.

These include: The Beginner (Starter) Package, Advanced Package or Premium Package. The names of these packages may vary but all it means is the same.


-The beginner package offers basic services at a very lower price.

 -The advanced package offers advanced editing and designing at a bit high price than basic.

 -The premium package offers highly professional services like editing, designing, etc.


You can select any package and start filling up the publishing enquiry form. In some websites, it requires the Author to sign up before selecting the package.

Submit Your Novel for Self Publishing

First of all you need to edit and format your novel in ease of reading style.

Next, you can check out the submission guidelines and process. The self-publishing guidelines are not so strict but it is important to go through it.

After this, you can upload your novel on publishers’ website or send it through email. Self-Publishing companies respond faster than traditional publishing.

So you don’t have to wait and relax. This usually takes between 2 days to 5 days.

Make a Payment

You will soon receive notification e-mail from the Publication. The assigned project manager or client support executive will get back to you with the further process.

You need to make a payment as per the package you have selected.

-Some publishers take this charge in instalments, like 50% before and 50% just after the novel is about to be published.

-Other publishers charge the whole amount altogether before starting the publishing process.

Self Publishing, Self Publish Novel
Steps of Self Publishing a Novel

Review Your Novel

The Publication team will now start working on your novel. You will hear them within 2-3 weeks or sometimes even less than that.

The assigned manager will send you the ready novel to review. Every publishing process like editing and cover design will only get finalised after your approval.

So they will send you the edited novel and cover page for publishing.  They will proceed with making the final print ready file and send it for printing.

If you are looking for few moderations, then they will make the required changes and again ask for approval.

Please note that only few moderations are allowed to make. Therefore, give yourself time to figure out all the things you wanted to change.

All set to go!

It takes maximum one or two weeks to make your title go live online. You novel will be available on all the e-commerce sources as mentioned in your packaging plans.

Next, the printed version of your title will get shipped at your doorstep. You will be receiving it within maximum one week.

Congratulations, you are now a Published Author! 

Now go through your printed novel and review it to make sure that it was able to meet your expectations.

Start Promotion

Don’t wait for the publisher’s call to action. As soon as your novel gets live, you need to start promotions too.

Remember, here your own efforts will matter. Self-Publishing companies are not going to play mega role in promoting and branding your novel.

This can only happen if you pay them to do so.


So what else you can do?

-You can start social media promotion using your own networks.

-Start giving interviews on various media networks (as much as possible).

-Also, you can hire a professional book reviewer to review and rate your novel.

-Take part in book shows, writing events, and author meet-up programs.


I’m extremely happy that you are holding your novel in your hands. Congratulations for this big achievement. You should now be the pro-active one for generating maximum readership for your novel.

 If you want to know more on novel marketing and promotion, please write to me on or connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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