Publishing a Book

Publishing a Book: Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

So you’ve completed writing your novel, right? And you must be wondering about book publishing?

Then let’s take few initial steps of publishing a book.

 We already know there are two methods of publishing a novel. But we become unable to figure out which one to go through.

 So here we will go in detail about both and figure out which one will meet your expectations best.

Let us get a closer insight of these 2 methods of publishing a book: 

Getting book published through traditional publishing

Traditional Publishing is the traditional method of publishing a book. This method was introduced many years before and today we see the modern form of traditional publishing.

Under this method, you will have to cover up a long process of publishing your title. (We will see that in our next blog!)

The process, however, is very selective. The editors take so much consideration before shortlisting any title. Only few numbers of titles get selected through this mode of publication.

There is 2-layer selection evaluation for novel publishing. One is the basic level evaluation. Few editors demand the first 3-4 sample chapters where as few demand the complete manuscript. 

The titles are then shortlisted and considered for second round. The Editors make the final decision for publishing novel.

One of thousands titles get published through this way. 

The probabilities seem less, right?

But the titles often find their way for goals. If you are confident about your title, then you should not lose patience with traditional publishing.

You may get rewarding efforts for your book.

If you got a chance to get published traditionally, then you will get experts to work on your title.

You will not have to invest any cost for that. Besides that you will get an experienced marketing team to channelize your novel.

The traditionally published books are bit competitive than the other titles. So what you need is: confidence, patience and research on publishers.

Getting book published through self-publishing

Self-Publishing is the fastest way of publishing a book. Since the beginning of this century, self-publishing started growing different parts of country.

In India, the self-publishing industry grew in between 2014-15. 

It is a self-investment option for writers. Here, the author will use his own invesment for novel publishing.

The quality of book production will directly depend upon the amount invested by the Author.

Here the author buys services packages according to his requirements.

The normal novel publishing package under this mode ranges from INR 10,000-15,000.

If you are not sure of getting published traditionally, you can choose this fast track option to make your dreams come true.

It’s not like that only traditionally publishing titles are best-sellers. Even self published novels too! 

There are many self-publishing books which became best-sellers too. So without getting affected by highs of lows of book publishing, you can choose any of the options above. If you want to know more on writing and publishing, please write to me on or connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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