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5 Easy Tools to Promote Your Book for free

Many of us get worried when the matter comes to book promotion. Book Promotion is indeed a much considerable factor to increase the reach of your book.

There are several traditional as well as paid methods for promoting a book. Many authors and agencies accidently get trapped in wrong promotinal methods.

But thanks to technology, there are some genuine book promoting platforms that we can trust blindly. So in this blog we will see the top free platforms for promoting a book.

Here are the best tools for promoting books:

-Promote your books through Amazon Author Central 

-Goodreads Giveaways

-MailChimp Newsletter

-Canva Designing  

-Help a Reporter Out 

Amazon Author Central, Book Promotion, Free Book Promotion, Book Promotion Tools

#1 Promote your books through Amazon Author Central

Amazon Author Central is a best platform where all your books can be added in one author profile.

You can create an awesome Author profile on Amazon Author Central.

As Amazon’s SEO is stronger, it can easily get rank in top search results.


-Create your Author Profile for free on Amazon Author Central

-Search your books and list it in your Author Profile

-Track your book sales using Author Dashboard

-You can also add most recent photos, videos, events and other updates on using your dashboard.


Quickies: The best part is that Author Central comes with RSS feed. You can submit your RSS feed and all your latest posts will be automatically updated on Author Central Page.

Goodreads Giveaways, Goodreads, Book Promotion, Free Promotion Tools

#2 Goodreads Giveaways

Goodreads is one of the best websites for authors as well as readers. Here you can enjoy multiple promotional features for free.


-You will be able to list your book for free on Goodreads Giveaways.

A large bunch of readers will be able to access your book. And a random pickup will help you in getting more readers.

-You can also create an Author profile for free. This feature is similar as Amazon Author Page.

Here you can add your books, quotes, and share photos too.


-You will also be able to jot down your latest quotes. Mention important tags as it will also help you in search results.

-Add RSS feed to the blog section and each of your website update will be fetched on your Author profile.

-Your readers can also interact with you using #AsktheAuthor forum in Goodreads community.

Overall, it’s a best way to get promoted through Goodreads!

Book Promotion Tools, Free Book Promotion, Mailchimp

#3 MailChimp Newsletter

MailChimp is one the best platforms for promoting your book. I’ve been very satisfied with the MailChimp services.

So while writing this blog I checked out MailChimp website.

I was totally shocked to see MailChimp’s exciting features at $0. It is totally unbelievable but that’s true.


-MailChimp’s free plan offers free email newsletters to 2000 audience. But there are many top features integrated in their recent plan.

-It is now offering a free domain and website. Isn’t it amazing?

-Several features like surveys like campaign management, marketing CRM are available in a single platform!


I strongly recommend you to check out MailChimp’s website and use this free feature for promoting your book.

Canva, Free Book Promotion, Book Promotion Tools

#4 Canva Designing

I have also mentioned Canva Designing in my previous posts.

It is really an amazing designing tool with thousands of pre designed templates.


The drag and drop designing tool allows everyone to design beautiful posters and images. You can easily design creative images and poster using this tool.


I’m using Canva free feature from the past 2 years for my marketing purpose. You should definitely try using Canva Designing.

#5 Help a Reporter Out

Help a Reporter Out is the best honest platform for reporters and audience. Any person looking for free media coverage must use this platform.

Here is the stepwise process of how it works:


-First of all you need to register on their website.

-You can now connect with journalists and monitor your source requests

-Stay updated through mails and send pitch to journalists. The interested journalists will respond you and then you can proceed ahead.


 Note: Please go through the platform rules before submitting any pitch.

So we have seen the top free platforms for promoting a book. If you are looking for more help on promoting your book, please write  me on

You can also connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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