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5 Reasons Why You Should Print on Demand Publishing

Print on Demand Printing is the best method created to support all the printing needs. It is not less than a boon for Authors as well as Publishers.

The growing need of market competition has given rise to this fast concept. The system has made printing and shipping process very easy and affordable. Therefore, it has nearly brought an end to all the printing and inventory worries.

Though Print on Demand has multiple advantages, here we will see the top 5 best things about it.

Here are the reasons why you should choose print on demand printing method:

-Fast Print on Demand Printing and Shipment

-Managing Inventory of Online Stores

-Saves Huge Printing Cost 

-Avoids Double Shipment Cost

-Reduce Paper Wastage and Chances of Loss

Fast Print on Demand Printing and Shipment

The Print on Demand Printing method takes very less time to print the books. This technique is capable enough to print high quality books even in less quantity. 

The quality is often compatible with many long run printed books but there is very less difference in overall cost.

This method hardly takes few hours to print the books. But usually the company takes 2-3 days to ship the printed books. This is because many titles are in line of publishing. But overall, it is still the fastest mode of printing. 

Managing Inventory of Online Stores

With the help of Print on Demand, the inventory and warehouse cost came to zero. The books are listed on platform but without any physical warehousing storage.

The titles are just virtually placed on the platform.

The books gets printed once the order is made. Therefore this method has reduced the worries of quality losses and maintenance issues. 

You can read this post if you want to know how print on demand process works for managing inventory.

Print on Demand Publishing saves huge printing costs

The Publishers and Authors had to bear huge cost for printing the books. As seen above, the inventory and maintenance cost was another trouble for them.

But thanks to this technique that there is no need to print and store book in bulk quantities. The order gets directly fulfilled through the printing house.

The Authors and Publishers will no longer have to maintain large stock. The orders are fulfilled directly through the printing house.

Avoids Double Shipment Cost

Let’s see the supply chain of printing to distribution in traditional printing method.

The traditional printing process

We can see that the shipping process is repeated 2 times. This further adds double shipping charges on the novel. It makes the product price go higher for a normal individual.

The Printing House to Warehouse shipment cost is made by Publisher/Author but ultimately the cost gets added to product prices.

So the end user has to pay a slight high amount due to the inclusion of above shipping charge.

However, if we cut out any one shipping charges, then there will be quite a less cost involved.

Now, see in Print on Demand Supply Chain Management. Here only 3 steps are involved from printing to shipping.

Print on Demand Printing
The Supply Chain Process of Print on Demand

We can see that one of the shipping charges is now removed in this technique.

This means that the novel pricing will be slightly low in this chain. More people will be likely to buy the novel because of the cost reduction.

Reduces Wastage of Paper and Chances of Losses

In business dynamics, the chance of back-up is always there. Nobody can skip this threat. Many titles who couldn’t meet expectations end up digesting lot of printing cost and paper.

We cannot bring back the resources from the printed version. It often ends up getting losses of money as well as papers.

But by Print on Demand Printing, people are now able to reduce the wastage of resources. There is zero upfront cost (except few inventory charges) involved in this process.

The Publication can independently jump in the market for a trial run and keep making multiple changes to catch the market.

So now we have seen the 5 reasons why we should choose print on demand publishing. If you want to know more on POD Publishing, then click here.

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