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5 Creative Ideas for writing the next bestselling novel

8 years before, I started my novel writing career on online platforms such as Booksie and Authonomy. I was very new to the platform and so I had very limited knowledge about it. There was heavy competition among large groups and writers. As a result, I was always the last one in the competition.

So I analyzed each and everything but nothing worked out. But finally, I came to realize the importance of giving attention on what’s more worth. So there came a twist in my writing career.

At 15, I was about to write a book and tensed after seeing market competition. Therefore it took long time, but finally I did it. So here I present the same ideas behind creative writing:
  • Create an outstanding story
  • Clarity is the real potential 
  • Introduce distinctive characters
  • Play with characters and incidents
  • The outcome should be fascinating

Create an outstanding story

A compelling story is the heart of every title. Writing a book is a passion driven work comes from inside. Every creative writing is the result of what’s cooking inside head of every writer.

But it’s impossible that a writer can write anything and it can become a blockbuster. So first of all, one should also consider the genre-specific audience.

A reader who is fond of romantic novels may get bored if we include too much of academics and less romance. Similarly, a reader fond of travel stories may not be giving attention if the story gives priority to another genre.

Therefore, it is important to focus on specific genre and reader mind-set.

Quickies: Most noteworthy, you should avoid focusing on multiple genres if you cannot build a good storyline. So it is better to focus on a few genres and specific audience groups.

Creative Novel Writing

Clarity is the real potential

Do you mind solving a time taking puzzle which you don’t understand and neither interested?

Probably, many of us will avoid solving the puzzle.

The same is in the case of writing a novel. People love reading suspense titles as it creates curiosity among them.

But in contrast to that, a puzzling novel without a compelling story will stand nowhere. So the reader will lose interest and avoid reading that novel.

Every creative writing deserves the reader’s attention which is impossible without clarity. So clarity is the another integral part of every creative novel. It is the only real driver for getting the reader’s attention.

Therefore you should try to make your story as clear as you can. It should be such that even a layman can understand it.

Introduce distinctive characters

Whenever we read any novel, we usually keep ourselves in place of a character which we like the most. These are those characters that have something that we liked the most.

It may be similar characters or qualities which we start feeling and experiencing. Then we start understanding the novel/movie keeping the character in place.

Every reader has its own qualities, preferences and thoughts. So by making distinctive characters, we will be introducing different perceptions, thoughts and opinions.

This is what makes the characters experienced and loved by the audience.

The Harry Potter series has introduced many distinctive characters. If you ask people about their favorite character, you will get a different perception.

Many of us were visualizing the main character, Harry. But on the other side, there maybe people loving Severus Snape, Draco, or Neville.

I am among the ones who love the character of Neville Longbottom.

So now you can see how distinctive character allows introducing different perceptions, and thoughts. I’m sure you have finally understood the need of placing distinctive characters in novels.

Key Components of Novel

Play with characters and incidents

Another thing to consider in novel writing is playing with characters and incidents. Avoid spreading the story too long without different emotional sets or incidents.

The emotional sets or incidents are the fuel to every interesting title. A smoother flowing story may not be catchy without certain incidents, ups, and downs.

Remember how much the movies concentrate on adding spices in every possible story. No matter what the theme is, but movie is yet incomplete without those spices.

So every novel or story is nothing without the different emotional sets. Therefore, it needs a good play with the characters and the incidents.

Let the characters and incidents involve together. There should be sudden factors or points that create curiosity. Some different emotional sets should well involve with the characters and incidents.

The outcome should be fascinating

Which is the most important thing people will ever consider? What do we exactly remember from any process?

Everyone knows about the invention of the Telephone by Graham Bell. But there will be few ones aware about his inside story.

So what do you understand from this? As a result, it is always the outcome which matters the most. The results should always be enough to leave a dark impression on anyone.

If it is not fit, then the whole play throughout the novel will not make any sense. Therefore, the end outcome of creative writing should make any sense otherwise leaving it in dark will sink up the whole novel.

So as you have realized the importance of end result, therefore I’m sure you will finally wrap up writing a best novel. This will leave an everlasting impression on the readers.


I can now see that you have come across the end of this blog. So first of all, a big congratulations to you!

Finally you completed the first step towards writing a book. I’m always looking forward to hear from you. You can write me on or connect me here.   Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals. 

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