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Steps to Write a Title for your Novel

We got the analytics reports last year. It was a shocking experience to see the month’s efforts in low stats.The coffee table book was awesome and we were confident about its success. But due to small issues, the book failed to meet its goals.

 The title of the novel failed to attract the audience. The author of book ended up losing a huge amount. The reason was simple.

 Our Editors suggested for changing novel title but he was not okay with it.

 Every self-publishing company has to work as per the requirements of Authors. Unlike traditional publishing, the self-publishing company is not going to make any key changes without the consent of Author.

 But after the reports, we gave him the remarks behind the failure. He analysed the concerns and allowed us to make the changes.

So a title of a novel is the first thing people often consider before reading. It significantly plays major role in success of a novel. A title is the only key element which is published on cover, promotions, and social media.

Therefore in order to engage readers, it is important to hold the most attractive title for a novel.

 So let’s see how we can create a beautiful title for your novel?

 Here are the simplest steps for writing novel title:

  • Discover Titles
  • Implement
  • Curate Titles
  • Select
  • Shortlisting and Finalisation
  • Review and Feedback 

Discover Titles

Internet has become the lifeline of research in 21st Century. You can do research just by sitting in front of desktop. A few clicks are enough to make a good research.

Here’s what you can do:

-Start discovering the titles of your genres. You can either explore the bestselling books on Amazon or other ecommerce sites. You can list out the books (category wise) on Digital Bookstores.

-Try to discover the concepts behind titles specific to your genres. Identify those trends and analyse it.


Understand the theme of your story. You can start creating different sets of words and phrases which gives clear idea about the novel. Many Authors use online tools but it is not recommended.

Instead, you can use the key learning from your web research on titles. You should simply start to create best possible words or sentences for your title.

Curate Titles

You can now take reference from your words and phrases. Use it to curate as many titles as you can.

While writing title of novel, please make sure that it is clear and easy to understand. An attractive title must be something unique and precise.

A two-four letter words will be perfect for titles. For Example: Lost in the Dark, The Devil’s House, The Unforgettable Travel, etc.

Note: If your title seems incomplete with few words, then you can fit other words as a sub-title.

Example: My novel Student Life title was so long. But I made it short and shifted the other words as Sub-title. So now it became Student Life: friends + love + family + school


You can start shortlisting your titles. Write down 3 final names from the wide list of titles created above. 

Also start searching on Internet to make sure that no any other title exists with the same name. 

Final Selection

So now you have written a wide list of titles for your novel. You can now start picking up the best one from the list. Consider the ones which demonstrate your story best.

You can consider the following factors:

-Best association with the theme of your novel

-Titles which can easily convey your whole book

-Top titles which sound more attractive

Cheers! You can now write your title on the front page of your novel.


Review and Feedback

Send your title to your friends and closer ones.  Take feedback from them and proceed ahead. If you want to rework, then you can start writing more titles for your novel. You may go back to your collections and start exploring. 

Congratulations! You are now a step closer towards launching your next title.  If you want to know more on writing and publishing, please write to me on or connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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