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5 Creative Steps to Write an Amazing Theme for your Novel

The world is full of reasons and purposes. We cannot see anything existing without any purpose or reason. Similarly, every book has a central purpose of its existence. A novel theme is one of such key ingredient of every title.

 Each writer focuses towards addressing a central purpose or principle message through his works. This is what we call the theme of a novel.

 In simple words, a theme is a fundamental purpose or message which the author wants to convey in his books. It is the pillar base of book which gives strong stand to the story.

 Can we create a roof without creating its pillars? We know the answers.

 Similarly we cannot write a title without addressing a central theme.  So now let’s see how we can create it.

 Here are the stepwise methods of novel theme writing:

  • Create a central message for your novel
  • Insightful Review
  • Analyse and Research
  • Create a Scene
  • Review and Rework

Create a central message for your novel

We already understood the importance of creating the central message for every novel. It is impossible to witness a novel without a central message.

Such a title will be completely “baseless”.  

So as a first step, start writing a central message for your novel. Give yourself a cool time to analyse your plans.

Be clear with your goals, jot down your ideas and start writing.

Key Components:

You need to make a clear understanding the message you want to convey in your novel. Without it, you may not be able to derive meaningful results. So be sure before you take a next step.

Insightful Review

As a second step, you should keep your central idea as a base. Go through it and start interpreting it.

You can check out the errors (if any) and make it as wonderful as you can. You may develop some brainstorming ideas which can add more values in your central idea.

A lot of pros and cons can be found out from it. You can transform and interchange your ideas to make it more interesting.

By going through your central idea, you will be able to prepare yourself for a deep analysis.

Analyse and research

You have well understood your base goals, so you can start doing a bit of research and analysis.

So here’s the next to do things:

-Make a web research of top trending articles in your genres

-Read soft synopsis or review of the titles

-Figure out the different ways the writers have used in the central theme of their novel

-Prepare a note of the important aspects and save it for future use.

Create A Scene

I’m sure you have done a good homework for novel writing. Let us move to the next crucial phase of creating a theme for novel.

In this step, you simply have to create a scene to address the central message of your novel. A short and precise theme of novel is what makes the best synopsis for the title (The topic we will see in the next blog).

You have to connect the central message of your novel with creating a short scene. You can take reference from your analysis and make a precise theme for your novel. Take advantage of your research notes and start moving ahead.

Review and Rework

The journey of theme setting doesn’t ends here. There’s one more step which plays a major role.

As a last step, you need to review your theme of the novel. You can closely examine it to make sure that it meets the specific goals of your novel.

You can re-work wherever required.  But only proceed ahead if the above criteria are maintained. No matter if it takes 2-3 edits or more, just keep going.

Congratulations! You just made a pillar for your next novel. You are now ready to make it reach at the next new level.  If you want to know more on writing and publishing, please write to me on or connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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