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How to Market a Book at $0

So congratulations for publishing your book. I’m glad that you are a published author.

As the celebration is already going on but it will be grand tour if we can sell many copies.

So how we will do it? Is a mere publishing not enough to capture the lead?

Let’s come through a usual question I have heard many times.

I’m a published author, and my publishers will take care of book marketing. So why do I need to worry about it?

 Here’s the answer: It’s good that you are a published author now. But there are some important roles which no one should skip.

The book is completely your product thus you should focus towards it.

You should not depend upon your publisher for book marketing. I’m not saying they won’t do it, they will do it. But you will have to do it also.

Imagine who is going to put an emphasis if you are not taking initiative for your own book?

So now we can understand the necessity of marketing a book. Here I present you the simple marketing strategies which will cost $0:

-Market Your Book Through Press Release

-Engage Your Audience With Regular Updates

-Social Media Marketing For Book Marketing

-Guest Blogging On Different Wesbites 

Market Your Book Through Press Release

The press releases are also important sources for marketing a book. There are many media portals who allow featuring new creativity on their platforms.

-Search for top and emerging regional media including digital media, magazine, and newspaper. Identify how to get media coverage with them. 


-Identify the ways in which you can reach out to them. Prepare a list of that.

-Write a press release and mention the books buy links in that

-Start sending a professional email for featuring your book on their portal


They will reach out to you if they are willing to feature your book. You can leave your contact details in the email.

Instead you can also use your closer circles if anyone is in contacts with media or not? Your connections can help you too.

Market a Book. Book Marketing, Marketing a Book
Strategies for Book Marketing

Engage Your Audience with Regular Updates

Use your circles to expand your target reach. You can ask your circles if they can help you in sharing your post.

Create live videos to interact with your community.

You can introduce your book and discuss with them. There will be few hands, but don’t worry it’s all the beginning.

Tell them about your book and try to generate interest among them.

I’ll suggest you to witness how bestselling authors interact with their audience. You can watch their live video interacting during book launch.

Social Media Marketing For Your Book

Social Media is the big ocean for targeting your audience. You can connect with large reader audience.

Here are the key steps of how to market your book using social media:


-Create your page on all vibrant social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In.

-Keep updating your pages using regular posts like stories, societal news, and more.

-You can also use small engaging parts of your novel and mention the buy now link along with that.


For Example: To know more about what happened after that, click here to buy this book!

-Create Banners or Posters based on regular events. Use the footer or side corner of the poster to promote your book.


You can use many online tools to design posters for your book. Canva is one of the free designing tools you can use to design your posts.

There are thousands of ready to use layouts available for free.

Guest Blogging on Different Websites

Guest Blogging also plays a major role in marketing your book. Here are the benefits of doing guest blogging:

-You get to feature your book on other’s website


-Promote your buy book links along with your posts

-You can give backlinks to your website

-You will get to share your books more often using this third party platform.


There are many platforms which allow guest blogging for free. I will recommend you these platforms with stronger  audience strength:

-You can start blogging on Wrytin, Linked-In, Wattpad, and Reddit. These 3 platforms are enough to bring more attention to your book.

So we have seen the best 4 ideas for marketing a book at $0. If you want to know more on book publishing and marketing, please write to me on

You can also connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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