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Low Cost Marketing Ideas For Your Business

The beginning phase of marketing is a troublesome experience for every business. It requires a huge effort to build a market for a new business.

 The two limitations of marketing a new business:

-There is zero brand awareness

-The marketing budget is very limited than growing business

 A new business may not try out heavy advertising methods. So therefore we need to grow business using low cost marketing ideas. We have created a low budget marketing strategy considering both the above factors.

 Here are low cost marketing ideas for new businesses:

-Through Online Contest

-Host Community Events

-Optimise Social Media Strength

-Create Product Related Contents

-Refferal Marketing 

#1 Low Cost Marketing Through Online Contests

Online Contests are the best way to promote as well as grow your business. Everyone gets crazy about easy quizzes and contests.

This is one of the best steps to market your business easily. It will also help in growing social media engagement on your pages.


Here is how we will do it:

-Identify any related ideas within your industry

-Think how you can transform it into a contest.

-The best way to create contest is using stories

-Open up a writing contest like stories based on your industry trends.

-You can easily catch up any trend and fit it into your story.


For Example: Restaurant Business can run a writing contest to discover cute food stories. The writers will have to cover a story based on their best foods.

-A designing company can run a writing contest based on how designing has made my life colourful?

Many professional designer and students will surely take a part in this. And they will circulate it within their networks.

-Let the audience decide the winner. Feature their story on your page or website.


Make a simple announcement that a best popular story will be the winner.


-The contestants will make their hard to share it and win the game. They will end up promoting your business to masses of people.

-You can reward the winners with valuable products/services/cash you’re your business goodies.

Include certificates and feature the winners exclusively on your page.

#2 Host Community Events

The community connections are the most important source for every business. Grow your community to grow your business.

You can create a community or group within your business segment.


-If you’re a restaurant business then create a community of chefs across your functional cities. Invite them for a chef’s cooking events or shows.

-A medicine and pharmaceuticals business can make community of all the city doctors. They can host events like awareness drive on several diseases.

Use your same platform to award the Doctors. This will influence them to try out your medicines and start referring to your customers.


-You can also host some societal events in public for awareness drive on environmental issues, health issues, etc.

You might have seen people singing in malls to raise public awareness on certain issues?

 Can you count how many cameras are recording the scene?

I’m sure you have now understood the potential of these community events.

Low Cost Marketing Ideas, Marketing Ideas, Business Marketing
Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

#3 Optimise Your Social Media Strength

Social Media is the most powerful medium to engage with large audience. We can use several inorganic ways of promoting social media pages.


But here we will see some organic ideas to grow our social media strength:


-First of all, list out the top trending hash-tags within your industry

-Create related posts and include all the trending hash-tags in caption

-Start sharing small knowledge resources related with your industry.

If you are a tech business, then you can share small technology tips.  


-You can start creating engaging images and posters using online tools. Canva is a free designing tool with thousands of free layouts.

-Share small detailed Infographics related with your industry trends.

-You can create small multiple choice questions to engage more audience. 

#4 Create Queries and Product Related Contents on Your Website

Content Writing is the best method to engage with audience. You can share some queries or product related contents on your websites.

For Example: If you run a restaurant business, then start writing on different foods, eating out. Write more articles  like this way:

“Best Indian Cuisines You’ll Fall in Love With” or

“Can’t go outside? Why not order online and chill out with family”.


-Learn basics of SEO and start writing contents

-It will surely help you in getting attention through web search

-You can also generate traffic and promote through social media like Linked-IN, Twitter and Facebook.


Note: I’m sorry if you are getting bored with my restaurant examples. Actually I came managing multiple restaurant projects since past 1 and half year.

So I’m very closely associated with these projects.

#5 Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing is the best fast option to acquire new audience. A business can maximise its sales by sharing small parts of your profits.

This is one of the best ways to generate business leads with zero costs. You only have to pay when you receive an order.


-Start creating referral links or coupon codes

-Promote your referral offers among your existing customers. Use Social Medias or newsletters.

-Make few catchy promotions and advertisement related with the offer.


Also create affiliates so that influencers like bloggers, can earn by referring your products. You will also get backlinks on influencer’s website.

So the above were the five best marketing ideas for your business. I will include more blogs on marketing ideas for your business.

Stay connected!  If you have anything to share, you can let me know in the comment section.

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