Key Roles After Writing a novel

Key Roles After Writing a Novel: A Closer Insight

Hello and welcome to the most important section of this category. We covered a great mile together and today I see you as the author of a dream novel.

So a big congratulations for writing a new novel!

I’m sure you are now planning ahead of getting your book published. Well I am also hoping for the same.

But before doing so, let us clear and beautify your story to enhance reading. But don’t worry as this is easy task compared to previous works we already did. So relax and start for today’s round.

 A small mistake in a painting destroys the whole creative work. Similarly, a single error in your title can swallow its spotlight.

 So why not to remove chances of such outcomes? Let’s go for it.

Here are the major things we need to do after writing a story for your novel:

  • A detailed and insightful reading
  • Factor Checking
  • Send for proof reading
  • Review and Edit
  • Proceed Ahead

A detailed and insightful reading

Every writer has its own objectives behind writing a story. The book will remain incomplete if it couldn’t satisfy those objectives. Therefore, it becomes important to make sure that the story is up to mark or not.

So before moving ahead you must check out your novel's story. A detailed and insightful reading is one of the best suggestive measures you can take.

Just cross check your story while focusing on your ideas and objectives. You can take any action if there is something irrelevant. But doing so in the later stage may become a difficulty.

Give yourself a time and read it from the beginning. Make sure that your story is the exactly as you have planned.

Factor Checking

In this next step, you need to check your written story on the key factors. While checking the key factors, you will be able to improve the reader experience.

It will significantly become easy for the readers to interpret and easily understand your novel.

A detailed factor checking also plays major role in publishing process. If your novel has so many errors, then it may it rejected on common grounds.

However, you may easily qualify the first round if your title makes a good reader experience.

Here are the key factors you can consider in your novel:

-Spelling Checking:

Spelling mistakes is one of the common errors in a story. Many of us make a lot of errors while typing.

A single spelling mistake may change the meaning of our word. Moreover, a title with spelling errors may question on the efforts of the author.

Therefore, let us make a deep analysis for checking our spelling inside book. Usually spelling mistakes are identified manually, but you can check online if you are not sure about any spelling.

You can either search on Internet or use online spelling checker tools.

You may use Grammar Check for checking spellings online for free.

-Grammar Mistakes

We create a story not for ourselves but for the whole world. A writer can quickly understand his sentences even if it is not well arranged.

But others may have a different interpretation on that.

So what can we do avoid this?

Many writers have basic idea about Grammar. But that doesn’t describe the potential of a writer.  Creativity and Grammar both are different things.

When I started my career, I was also poor at grammar. But then I took help from my seniors who were stronger at it.

Currently, I read my works twice to make sure that it is error free. But I still have to face this problem sometimes.

So if you are not sure about your Grammar, then you need to seek additional support. You can take help from an editor or use online tools.

Grammarly is among the top recommended tools to check grammar errors.


-Reading Score:

Reading Score is a quality assessment for your write-ups. You can do self-evaluation of your novel and give it a rating on the basis of reading.

You can consider the factors like:

-Ease of understanding

-Words with quick understanding (Use more active voice than passive voice).

-Sentence length should be normal and not more than 20 words.

You can also make use of online tools to check reading score on the above grounds. Hemingway App is the best free tool to check and improve your reading score.

Send for Proof Reading

I’m sure you have completed making all the possible edits in your novel. So now you can send your title for proof reading.

Whom to send?

You need to be careful about whom you share you title with! It is recommended that you should only send it those who can genuinely help you. They may be your friends, life partner or family members.

Ask them to read your story and give you rating out of 10. Also ask them the various questions about the book.

For Example:

Ask what was the best and worst part they noticed in the story?

What improvements are required to make this book wonderful? Any errors or mistakes you’ve noticed in the title?

Next make a complete assessment of your title and get their feedback.

Review and Edit

As you have started getting feedbacks, use this feedback to make changes in your title (if required). Focus on the authentic feedback received and try to check whether the problem exists or not.

You should not wait to make a change and fix the problem. Edit your title and review it. Next, you can wrap it up and finalise it.

Proceed Ahead

Cheers! You are now ready to move ahead. Start making a list of publishers who are ready to accept the novel like yours.

Make a chronological list of most favoured publishers.

Therefore, check their guidelines and start submitting it one by one. Wait for the Editors review and keep moving. You are going to hear good news soon.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed writing your next novel. In this next section, we will see various publishing strategies for your novel. If you want to know more on writing and publishing, please write to me on or connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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