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Is India Going To Launch Covid-19 Vaccine by August 15th?

India’s biomedical research body Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recently announced August 15 as a deadline for launching coronavirus vaccine.

People are spreading this news with great happiness citing that they will get Independence from this Coronavirus Pandemics by August 15. Are we really going to get this vaccine by August 15th? Let’s get detailed into it.

The facts behind launch of Covaxin

Many global brands and countries research units are running a race of launching the first Covid-19 Vaccine. The Friday’s ICMR’s announcement has totally rustled the medical and scientific community across world. Many scientists are not yet confirmed and questioning about declaring such deadlines.

AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria, who is heading the Clinical Research Group on National Taskforce on Covid-19, is also surprised by this announcement.


“It will be a very challenging and difficult task considering that we have to look at both efficacy and safety of any vaccine that is introduced. Also, if we get the desired results, the other challenge is the process of mass production of the vaccine,” he said to The Indian Express.


The ICMR’s letter released on Friday states that a candidate vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech has received approval to enter initial phases of human clinical trial by July 7.

The Official Clarification of ICMR

According to official sources, the Health Ministry of India has asked ICMR about this letter. It was informed that the aim was to fasten up the launch of vaccine and not intended to set any hard deadlines. According to a source quoted by Times of India, ICMR wanted to convey the need of releasing the vaccine as early as possible.


Balram Bhargava (ICMR Director General) advised Bharat Biotech and selected hospitals to fast-track all approvals associated with clinical trial and make sure that the subject enrolment is finalised by July 7. ICMR is, no doubt, trying to achieve the results as there is an urgency to launch the vaccine.


“We are just making a best possibility to launch Coronavirus vaccine for public usage by August 15. Bharat Biotech International is trying its best to meet the targets but the final outcome will depend on the cooperation of all trial sites who are part of this project”, he said.


ICMR is holding this vaccine launch as a top priority project which is (according to Bhargava) is closely monitored by the topmost level of government and any non-compliance will be viewed seriously.

We have hopes with ICMR and Bharat Biotech International. We hope and pray that this project become successful and we get independence on August 15th.

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