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In talks with Puja Kaushik: Behind Her Chubby Talks

So we are talking about Puja Kaushik, a creative lifestyle blogger based in Patna, India. From the past 4 years, she has contributed her writings in different forms.

Sometimes we got inspired with her poetries and sometimes exploring the diary stories (one of my favourite) and learning from the society.

Today we will see the story behind her creativity and the platform #herchubbytalks.

“When I hear this word Her Chubby Talks it makes me think of a cute, a bit fat kid, exploring and discovering different onsets inspiring journeys”, this is what I said to her while going through the facebook page.

“This is how I am”, she said and that’s how this conversation turned into an insightful interview behind this cute name.

So when did you start your writing journey?

I was fond of writing since the very early phases of my life. I’ve spent most of my childhood days in writing diary entries.

But I skipped writing in between the primary academics and started it again in Class 10th.

Being a keen observer and deep thinker, I enjoyed writing on whatever I faced in my life. You know by that time I started developing my own views and thoughts in and around my society.


Some of the inspiring things of my life have motivated me to write about it. I started jotting it down and sharing it using social media.

When I entered in my senior secondary academics with Science stream, I was again loaded with studies. So I had to skip my writing journey again.

Sometimes I take it as a big question mark:


Our complex academic structure somewhere creates hurdles in gaining new experiences, learning by doing the things and more practical approaches.

Since we have grown up, so now we understand how much this means!

But thankfully I passed out all the hurdles. I resumed my writing work and also started blogging in 2016.

That time I was in my final year graduation. I was completely soaked up due to my involvement in various research projects and meeting the students working in designing field.

Her Chubby Talks, Puja Kaushik

How did you manage to come in this writing field?

Well, it’s all about where the passion takes you! This is what happened with me. I took Science in Class 12th as I wanted to become a doctor. The credit goes to my father who is a doctor by profession. 

I dreamt of becoming a doctor but the passion of writing was somewhere stored in the core areas of my mind.


It all started with a suggestion. We were having a career conversation in Class 11th. One of my batch-mates suggested me to go with Mass Communication after Class 12th. I was literally unaware of this subject.

So I went into the cyber café and spent next half hours to learn about future prospects of this course. I totally made up mind to choose this course as it was completely a part of my passion!


“But every passion has to win a battle with traditional plans so happened with me”


My parents were shocked when I announced this news! I started hearing the societal things like girls should not go for journalism, this field is not safe for girls and more.

Our relatives and Dad’s friend and every other random soul used to brainwash me regarding that choice. But I was so determined that I just identified that Patna Women’s College offers this course.


At that time (2012-13) there were hardly any college offering such course in my town. Patna Women’s College was indeed one of the premium colleges in Bihar. So it was the only choice for me.

I knew that my father won’t allow me to move to other plac for pursuing this course. So I became a silent mover, fetched out my pocket money , brought the registration form, gave test and got selected!

I still remember those days and it gives me different experiences. I had no idea about all those things.


I was happier to see my name in the admission list. I shared this with my father. But unfortunately he disagreed for the same. I didn't complained but rather remained silent!  But as every will has a way so the same happened with me.

Finally I got admission in Patna Women’s College. One of my father’s friends stood by my side and made it possible.

She helped me in admission and took me to college. My father was not so happy and not so sad about it. He was silent and so was I (in front of him). 


This course has truly given me the real thing; it made me more passionate and creative. Though it was challenging but I proved it was a right a choice for me!

I delivered my first speech in Class 2nd and never looked back since then. Though many students of my age suffered stage fear contrary I never felt that. 

I used to write my own speech, poems, debates and  deliver them in school.

HerChubbyTalks, Puja Kaushik
An animated insight of #HerChubbyTalks

Then what happened after that? How you transformed your career with Her Chubby talks?

So I met multiple highs and lows due to certain issues. Mostly as you know, Dad was yet silent about it.

Talking about my career transformation, I got a chance to work in a local news channel in 2017. I learnt skills like reporting, vox pop, news anchoring, voice over and other skills too.

Though I gained experiences there but soon realised that it was not my cup of tea.


I always wanted to channelize my blogging into a certain level. So I chose the name ‘Her Chubby Talks' to share stories from my society.

I created everything including blog website and different social media pages. I started posting regularly on those pages.

I’m an activist kind of person and this outrage was mostly reflected in my writing. During my college life in 2014, I was scolded by my father for not being serious about my studies.


The preparation for government examination was the indigestive part for. I totally got furious and argued which still makes me feel guilty.

I sat down with a paper and started writing – things that have changed from childhood to now, how the parents have changed their behaviour towards me, how I used to idealise my mother before and now, all good and bad things of growing up and formed a poem.


During that times, I wrote many monologues on nostalgia emotions which we have lost somewhere while proceeding ahead in life.

My professional career started after pursuing graduation in 2016. I started doing my masters with correspondence and continued learning while working.

I was working with Press Release, Events and Social Medias. By then, I started earning with social media management,  blogging for design projects as PR, conducting events and workshops, content writing for company profiles and websites.


In 2017, I shifted to a news channel for the next three months. I wanted to discover myself but the environment didn’t suit me at all. I came.

So I switched to digital media and started learning new things. Our mass communication course was more focused on traditional media. But things have changed a lot from then to now.

Then I joined a digital marketing agency and started content writing. I learnt about social media content creation. Meanwhile, I started writing many weekly blogs for various genres of websites from political, educational, health, lifestyle and aviation too.

I spent almost one and half year with the agency.


In March 2019, I joined PatnaBeats where I managed social media management, online content creation, vlog content, influencer marketing, and online media content creation, event marketing and PR. I even started to provide training to interns.


“My experiences of working at those places had made me what I am today”


I’m even a radio host in All India Radio since September 2017 as a part time contractual job. Apart from this, I have been a part of writer's community where I have planned and conducted several events.

I started creating online storytelling, did many audio podcasts, live shows and much more in course of time.

Tell us about your current days. How is your career going on?

Right now, I am teaching students of Mass Communication at Gopal Narayan Singh University and actively managing the social media presence of the institute.


"I am a person who believes in exploring and learning in the process, so I am still clueless what I will do after next year"


But I am pretty sure about my blogging thing, where I wish a progress. I started my website to start blog marketing.

As I work with many projects and brands, I will even blog about those experiences which would be informative for media enthusiasts.

Once I get a good readership on my site, I will also include blogging for brands and generate revenue from such blogs.

I am also working on an initiative "The People's Joint" which is purely a forum designed for artists, creative thinkers and art lovers.

Okay so last question: What motivates you for pursuing your goals?

My motivation is my work, I get motivated when any of my write-ups or work gets noticed or somehow it gets good remarks. This motivates me to think more and create more.

So this was my interview with Puja Kaushik. I’m sure you must be inspired like me. Let’s share it to inspire more of our friends. You can visit herchubbytalks pages and get more inspired with latest stories.

Follow herchubbytalks facebook page and Instagram handle.

For any support on printing and publishing, please write to me on aayushvermaofficial@gmail.com or connect me here. Thanks for reading! Have a great day.

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