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Safety Vs. Today’s Online World

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The growing era of digitalisation has boosted up the online world. From the morning rings to sleep hours, we are all occupied in technology gadgets. According to Wikipedia, there were 2 Billions of Internet Users which comprised around 29% of World’s Population (6.9 Billion) in 2010.

In 2019, around there were around 4 Billion Internet users which comprised around 53.6% of World’s Population (7.75 Billion).  The past decade has double the number of internet users in the world.

The Growing Dependency on Mobile Applications

This accelerated rise of internet users has given scopes for many opportunities across globe. There are numerous IT companies who have contributed several applications for their target users.

From Photo Editing to Video Calling, we are very much dissolved with mobile applications. Mobile Application and technological advancement have really made our life easier.


-The food delivery applications have made food available just at the doorstep. So we don’t have to step out to buy food stuffs.

-Want to call a taxi? Just click on the application, pin your location and the taxi will arrive within minutes.

-The shopping has also made easier with the booming e-commerce applications across globe. You will get unlimited time for selecting your choice and ordering it online.

-People no longer need to depend on cash to buy essentials. They can do online transactions directly to anyone’s account just with few clicks.

-The educational industry has also transformed with online revolution. All the classes and lecturers are available online and thanks to these online applications.

How Attractive Application has become?

Mobile Application users are growing day by day and so are the numbers of mobile applications. The growing importance and usage of mobile application has given numerous opportunities to cyber players.

A number of fake applications are growing with a rapid speed. These applications are made so attractive and creative that people are downloading it and falling in traps. Some of these applications promise attractive things mostly beauty, make money, earn money, and more such applications.

Advantages and Disadvantages


The online world and tech enabled applications has made everything available within few clicks. Even in this global pandemic, students are able to learn is because of this technological advancement.

The working professionals are also managing their works just by sitting at their homes. People are able to get essentials items with all the services running through these e-commerce solutions.



The so much dependency on online applications is helpful as well as dangerous also. We enter our sensitive data in order to avail services online. These sensitive data are often attacked through cyber-crimes.

According to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Reports, around 24,000 malicious mobile applications get blocked each day. Around 63% of these apps leak out the phones and rest 23% attack on the device location.

Our Privacy is in Safe or Threat?

Our privacy is in our hands. It’s is neither too safe and nor too dangerous. We are somewhere streamlined between safety and threats. But as the cases are growing high, we will always have threats of such attacks. According to Statistica report, mobile phones are the most common device for global cyber-attacks.

The leading causes for such attacks are through these spam emails containing fake links. Some fake applications also sync the important information from device like contact details and emails.

If yes, then how we are going into a vicious cycle with dark hole?

The threats are often high as the attackers are also developing latest techniques for cracking sensitive data. We are really heading towards the vicious of dark hole.

However, the troubleshooting engineers and cyber safety advancement is also helping in detecting and removing these threats. Several laws and acts help punishing the cyber criminals too.

Methods and tips to keep ourselves safe

The cyber-attack has become so advanced that it is really difficult to stay safe from them. However, I’m sharing the few most survival techniques to maintain safety:


-Check the authenticity of applications you are downloading even from relevant sources like Google Play. Do not download any application whose source is unknown or irrelevant. You can download trusted application from best brands like Google, Adobe, Microsoft and some more global brands.

-Do not click on any link whether it’s a Whatsapp message or any email containing links. Never ever do it.

-Do not enter sensitive information like phone numbers and email address to untrusted sources.

-Avoid receiving calls from unidentified numbers mostly International Calls.

-When receiving calls from Indian Unknown Numbers, be sure you are not giving any sensitive information mostly bank account details for KYC. Many attackers took crores of money in the name of KYC.

So we can see how the online world has added both strength and threat in our lives. We can stay away from such issues by keeping our information safe. We need to be extra cautious on sharing our information with anyone.

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