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How to transform a business into a brand?

How to transform a business into a brand? This question comes a lot of times in our minds.

Building a brand is a much considerable approach for attracting customers. It has a lot of advantages over a business without a brand identity.

 Some of these benefits include:

-Your audience start recognising your brand. It makes your business stand different than others. So it becomes easy for your target customers to reach out to your business.

-Rapid branding strategies make your target customer stay more connected with your business.

Your brand name will be stored in their minds. So many often they will approach your brand to buy products/services. Remember how Amazon is adjusted in our minds.


-Word of Mouth Advertising is the best outcome of powerful brands. You might have noticed people refer brands to their networks even if they don’t have any monetary benefits.

Why do they refer?

 This is because they find your brand more trusted among other business. They are more aware of your products or services. So they are more likely to refer your business whenever someone asks recommendations.


So what if I ask you about buying an athlete shoes?

-You’ll surely give me recommendations of Nike, Adidas, Puma, or any other popular brand. We consider these companies because they are more popular and trusted brands across the globe.

 Now we have seen the benefits of building a brand. So let us trace out the process of transforming a business into a brand.

-Create a Logo and Tagline

-Discover Your Brand Purpose

-Create a Mission Vision Statement for your Brand 

-Position Your Brand At Right Place

-Do Competitors Analysis

-Be Competent with Competitors 

-Brand Call to Action

-Use Mediums to Showcase your Brand

# Create a Logo and Tagline

First of all create a logo for your business. You can call in an experienced designer to design a logo for your business.


-There are many free online tools to make logos but please avoid this as far as possible. Logos are engaging brand identities which can never be changed.

You have to get your logos designed right from the scratch. Hire a professional designer through open entries like freelancer or designing agencies.

-Do not wait to reserve your logo. It is important to reserve the rights of your brand identity.

Apply for a trademark as soon as you finalise your brand logo. Trademarks will help you in safeguarding your brand identity. 

You can get trademarks field with the help of legal agencies


-Create a tagline for your business. A tagline is a short slogan or phrase which represents most influential words for the consumer.

 -An ideal brand tagline should be short and captivating.

-Your tagline should motivate your users to try your products or services.

-It must be able to create positive vibes within your target segment.

# Discover Your Brand Purpose

-Figure out the purpose for which your brand exists.

Why does your brand exist? What problems you are going to solve within the specific segment?

Many brands exist to address particular problems/needs of the people. This becomes their core purpose.

For Example: Food Delivery Service brands came out the problems when the customer has no time to visit outside and buy foods. So they can enjoy foods just at their doorstep.


-What values is your brand going to add within the target audience? So what solutions is your brand offering to address the above gap?

While providing door shipping facility, the online food delivery brands saved the time as well as energy of people.

There is a value for time and value for money too. By saving time, the food delivery business started saving the pockets too.

Many people can utilise this productive hour to create profitable results. This is time value of money which matters most to everyone.


-What are the driving forces which may influence your target audience?

Identify the factors which can help in creating people’s engagement to your brand. 

While clarifying your brand purpose, you will be able to create right approaches to increase your brand identity.

# Create a mission vision statement of your brand

Every business runs with a mission of making a change with their quality products or solutions. Creating a mission vision statement helps people in trusting your brand.


-A vision statement deals with the future positioning of a company.

For Example: Tata Consultancy Services visions focus on growing sustainably and their clients to achieve sustainable growth through their green solutions and services.


-A mission statement deals with the core goals of a business. Every business missions focus towards creating best solution for their customers.

Tata Consultancy Services mission statement focus on helping customers by providing best in class consultancy, IT solutions and services.


Frame up your mission vision statement while considering the needs of the people.

Brand Positioning, Zomato, Brand Building
Brand Positioning of Zomato

#Position Your Brand at Right Place

Every brand focuses on specific key resulting areas. Let’s us identify the priority areas for your brand.

By clarifying your positioning areas, you will be able to position your brand in a better way.

It will help you to occupy a position in the minds of your target audience. This will be the preferences of why people will choose your product instead of others.

The key areas will help you to create a unique positioning in the marketplace.


-Identify the traits of your target customer

-How can you serve your customers in a better way?

-Analyse the positioning of your competitive brands.

-Focus on all the above three areas and create a unique positioning for your brand.

#Do Competitor Analysis

Who are your top competitors? How are they running their business? Try to get A to Z information of your competitors.


-Identify how much market share is occupied by your competitors

-Figure out their working process and marketing standards

-Go through their customer ratings and reviews to analyse their products and services. See the problems faced by their unhappy customers.

-And yes do SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) Analysis of your competitors

-Do competitive analysis and learn more about the products strategy, sales strategy, and advertisement strategy of your competitors.


Next, create a different and advanced planning to stand distinct from your competitors. Use the above analysis to do make unique branding strategies for your business.

SWOT Analysis, Market Analysis
The 4 Factors of SWOT Analysis

#Be Competent With Competitors Strategy

We have already analysed the competitors’ strategy. So now you can easily create competitive solutions in your business.


-Competitive Pricing: Offer competitive prices to your target customers


-Competitive Advertising: Adopt different powerful advertising strategies to attract your customers. Use different Guerrilla Marketing Strategies to create buzz in your audience.


-Competitive Solutions: Many businesses lack behind providing after sale solutions to their customers. So create a best competitive solution for your customers.

Be more prompt and friendlier to your customers while handling their queries and complaints.

# Brand Call to Actions

Every brand has certain message which becomes its call to action values. We remember brands because of the impact of those values which entered in our subconscious mind.

We might have remembered a lot of brands because of their different advertising patterns.


I used to sing jingles and memorise the stories of some brands in my childhood.

I still remember those advertisements of Nestle Kit-Kat, Dairy Milk, Panasonic, and more brands. Few memories are frozen up as it’s been years watching the brands!

I was able to remember the above brands because they are still functional. We still remember this brand from the past due to their repeat advertising and marketing.


So can you create your call to action values?

-Jingles are the best ways to spread your brand message and generate call to action values

-Create some best songs with creative video stories.

-The stories and video advertisement are the best way to enter in minds of audience.

-Use pattern based marketing strategy to hit the subconscious minds of your customers.

Do some errors with words or images to catch the attention of your target audience.

# Use Mediums to Showcase Your Brand

Showcase your brand within your target audience. You can use various online and offline mediums to connect with target segment.


Online Mediums:

-Create an engaging website

-Keep updating it with regular SEO optimised contents

-Power up your social media posts. Keep your audience updated and followed up on your social media pages

-Do online advertising like Social Media Advertising, Google Pay Per Click, etc.

-Promote your brand through online influencers like popular Youtube stars or influencing bloggers.


Offline Mediums:

-Showcase your brand identity on your storefront, distribution stores or local street shops.

Print their shop name below your brand identity and offer them some amounts. They’ll surely allow you to do so.

Many shopkeepers do not charge any amount and are satisfied with their shop name on the banner.

-Create spotlight by sponsoring some local events

-Print your brand on paper bags, paper cups, packaging materials and distribute it across your target audience.

It will boost up your brand value so quickly and easily.

There are many more online and offline branding techniques for your business. I will mention both separately in different blog. This article has already been so long.

 But thank you so much for reading it! If you want any support on your business then please write to me  

You can also connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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