Budding Bases - Essentials of Management for the Growing Business World

Budding Bases, Aayush Verma

Budding Bases is the recent management novel written by Aayush Verma. This book relates to fundamentals management values that every entrepreneur should know about. It revolves around the life of three friends who wanted to establish a business in the future. But something hit them hard and they plan to start a business in their campus life only.

Their limitations and challenging business environment create lots of hurdles for them. But despite having the problems, they move forward with their goals. They keep progressing by using the right management values and techniques. Soon, they strengthen themselves & establish a successful business. Management values were the only asset they had!

These friends also work towards associating young talents with the corporate world. So it becomes an insightful story on how they make it happen. This management based story relates to many first generation entrepreneurs.  Let us see how they do it and overcome the challenging business environments. Be a part of this amazing journey. Have a dive in the real business world today.

Budding Bases – Forwarded by Aayush Verma

Budding Bases is based on deep management values, business fundamentals and facts for every budding entrepreneur. The novel revolves around the life of three friends who wanted to start the business in the near future. But something happens with them which provoke them to get started now.

Having lesser knowledge and many limitations, they face lot of challenges due to different uncontrollable factors. But they all establish themselves and also run a competitive business organisation. It novel reflects the life of every early aged entrepreneur and also discusses the gap between the academic education and the corporate world.

When I started to write the book, it was a big challenging moment for me to give an interesting shape to a book based on management fundamentals and business values. So it was an impossible event to write an interesting and insightful novel focusing on all management values.

But with the constant support of my closer ones, I finally became able to give the real shape to this novel. Though words are not enough but it’s only way through which I can express my internal gratitude. So I would really like to thank my Professor Dr. D.K. Singh for fulfilling my wish of writing the forward for this novel.

He is one of the first readers who gave more efforts, although having time crisis due to multiple classes.
To my friends who have always been there for me in all the phases of my career. A great thanks to my buddies Sanjana Gupta, Abhishek Barnwal and Abhay Gupta for their constant support and encouragements.

To the honest readers and reviewers like you who always inspired and motivated me to write once again! Without wasting much time, let’s get a dive in this novel. 

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