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The Cost of Self Publishing a Book

It seems you are just a step away from adding your creativity in writing world. So you may be wondering about publishing your book.

The first thing which comes in our mind is the cost of publishing a book. So, in this blog we will trace the book publishing cost.

The publishing cost is different for different publishing methods. And if you are not sure about which method to choose, then I’ll suggest you to read it here.

Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing both have different models and pricing strategy. 

Traditional Publishers do not charge any amount from the Authors. However, few traditional publishers charge in the name of “partnered traditional publishing”.

On the other side, self-publishing is a self-investing option for publishing a book.  The author needs to pay several service charges to publish a book. This depends upon the needs and requirements of Authors.

 Let’s see the average service cost of publishing a book through self-publishing.

-Book Editing Cost

-Book Formatting Cost

-Cover Designing Cost

-Distribution Cost

Book Editing Cost

Book Editing is the first thing which comes to mind as soon as we finish writing a book. Every professional has different charges for book editing. Some charge on the basis of words where as others charge rate per hour.

The book editing rates on the basis of words is the most convenient method.

-The basic level editing cost ranges from $0.02 to $0.03

-The advance level editing cost ranges from $0.04 to $0.06

-The developmental level of editing cost ranges $0.08 to $0.10

Book Formatting Cost

When was the last time you read a whole book which was not so well formatted? It may be either a course book or important journal.

But when it comes to choice, many readers avoid reading such books!

A well formatted book makes reading easy and quick understandable. The readers will surely enjoy reading the book with unique formatting and styling.


The book formatting service costs is depended upon number of factors. Some of these include:

-The number of pages

-The type of book: Story Book, Coffee Table, Educational Book or a Fictional Novel

-The number of images in the book

Because there are so many factors, so the experts offer quotation for book formatting services. These charges normally range from $200 to $1000.

book publishing cost, cost of publishing a book, cost to publish book
The Cost of Publishing a Book

Cover Designing Cost for Publishing a Book

Most readers skip reading the internal review pages before buying a book. Many of them make this decision on the basis of its exterior designing and content.

So it is the cover page which is going to make maximum impact on the readers.

The cost of designing a cover page depends upon professional, semi-professional and beginner. Obviously, the professionals will charge more than the both. But the design they will bring will be wowsome.


-The beginner designers can charge from $50 to $250 for designing your book cover.

-The semi-professional charges will range from $250 to $500 for cover designing.

-The highly professionals will charge more than $500 for designing a single cover.


Quickies: The highly professional designers are way similar to the in house designers of popular traditional publishers across the globe.

Book Distribution Cost

The distribution cost is an additional package for expanding the reach of your book. The more you will pay the more places your book will reach.

There are various agencies who manage the book distribution for growing as well as established authors.

-Some agencies only select quality books and charge around 40% to 50% amount and a small fee

-However, many agencies charge huge amount depending upon your distribution requirement.

-Few Self-Publishing agencies offer free distribution to their authors based on few terms and conditions.

For Example: Lulu Retail Distribution lists books and makes it available free globally and on top platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kindle, Kobo and more.

So now we have seen the average cost of publishing a book. The charges and rates mentioned may vary with times.

My apologies for that!

However, I will be updating the charges periodically.  

 If you have any further queries on book publishing costs, and other publishing issues then please write to me on or connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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