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5 Book Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales

So you just finished publishing your book? Cheers for your achievements! Now what are your next goals?

What ideas are you gathering for marketing your book? Are you worried about cost concerns like many of us?

Well, so here we go! We bring you the best low cost marketing ideas for your book.

Here are the top book marketing ideas for you:

-Cross Promotion With Authors 

-Use Calendar Posts

-Create a Digital Presence 

-Press Release

-Get Book Reviews

Cross Promotion With Authors

-Cross Promotion is the best marketing strategy for your book. It hardly costs any amount to cross promote. But all it needs is a hand to hand support.


How to cross promote books?


-Every Author looks for different promotional support for his books. You can contact the recently published authors and ask their favour.

-Connect with them and discuss your plan.

Give him an offer of cross promoting his books on your platform. In return, ask him to do the same.

-Also promote your book links, press releases using his platforms and do the same in return.

It will be hand in hand approach where both writers will be cross sharing each other.

Use Calendar Posts

Keep engaging your audience regularly with different posts, quotes, info-graphics, etc.

Learn the art of creating engaging contents.

-Create contents which is more related with your target reader and not just associated with your books.


For Example: If you are more of a self-improvement and personal growth writer, then you will have audience base of more people interested in self-assessment. 

Therefore your content should relate much with these topics. You can share some self-improvement tips, inspiring quotes, etc.


-Create a representing digital signage for yourself. It may be symbol, image, or your digital signature.

Use this signage in your quotes, stories, or images.

Create A Digital Presence

Digital Presence has become compulsory in this growing digital era. So as a growing author, you must have a vibrant digital presence.


-Build a professional website for yourself

-Start writing regular posts and articles related with your stream.

-A Motivational Author should write  inspiring and motivating stories, and articles in his website.

-Use proper SEO strategies to improve the search presence of your website.

-Keep adding your book links to get reader’s attention through blogs.


Caution: Add your book links at relevant places only. Don’t just put it anywhere blindly.


-Create a webpage for your book containing its details and quick synopsis. Also include all your e-commerce links to buy that book.

You can see my book Budding Bases page to get practical idea of creating a webpage for your book.

Book Marketing, Market a Book, Novel Marketing
5 Book Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Book Sales

Press Release

Press release news is the pool for masses of people.

No matter what target specific audience you are looking for, the media agencies will have solutions for all of it.


-There are some media channels that open submission entries for new talents. On the other hand, you can also get press release with the help of private PR agencies.

-The media agencies will charge on the basis of news and an enclosed service charge for writing/editing your press release.


-The charges of press release will range from $200 to $500.

If you want to get featured on top media portals then the charges may reach more higher around $1000 for single press release.


-In India, a regional press release will cost you around ₹2000 to ₹10000. The top media portals may charge you around ₹20000 – ₹30000.

Get Book Reviews

Book Reviews are the overall feedback of an experienced reader. There are many book reviewers working in agencies as well as a freelancer.

You may reach out to any of them. But I will suggest you to go with book reviews agencies. You can expect a better return from them.


-Book Reviews will bring the detailed insight in front of your target audience.

-The book reviewer will also promote your reviews on his platform. This means you will get another source for audience.

-You can also ask book reviewer to use your web pages as back links. It will increase your website strengths too.


-Book review charges normally ranges from $100 to $500. It may be more or less depending upon the agency’s rate and quality. The above are the average charges for book reviews.

-In India, the book reviews charges start from ₹1000 to ₹5000. The book reviews agencies price may also reach up to ₹10000.

So we have seen the 5 low cost marketing ideas  for your book. If you are looking for more help on marketing a book, please write to me on

You can also connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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