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Everything We Should Know About Academic Internship Program

At one side there are businesses who want to hire young talents.

On the other side there are talents who want to grow professionally in corporate environment.

But there’s a large gap which exists between both this mediums. Many growing talents are not compatible to fit in corporate world. This is because they lack experiences.

On the other hand, there are not so effective Internship Programs for students. It is more of self-attached with less focus on talent growth and training.

This has made students grow with less or no experiences. The lack of which has made them to remain out of corporate boundaries.

But businesses on the other side are always open handed for the fresh talents.

So how we will deal with this situation?

What is an Academic Internship Program?

Academic Internship Program is the same solution to address the above problem. This program acts as a connecting wire in between the talented minds and corporate requirements.

Academic Internship Program focuses on developing the academic students to grow professionally in corporate environment.

This makes them sharpen their skills, become experienced and compatible enough to fit in corporate world.

How Academic Internship Program Works

-First of all, we prepare an Academic Internship Program Syllabus and Schedule for students

-This syllabus is exclusively created for a particular corporate business.

-Then we identify how many students we have to hire for each Internship Session. This generally ranges from one month to six months.

-In the first phase, students are taught some practical key lessons related with their career field. It takes maximum 1-2 weeks for this teaching learning session.


-In the second phase, the dedicated assigned manager makes students to gain practical knowledge by doing the works.

The manager closely examines and gives them in line training to improve their performance.

-The student is then allowed to work for the main corporate network. He will then get associated with real business tasks.

-The certificate and recommendation letter will be given to the students.


Quickies: Many businesses might get worried about the extra expenses on training. But we consider both the aspects under this training program. The syllabus is designed in such a way that there will be low or cost over such businesses.

Academic Internship Program
The Benefits of an Academic Internship Program

Benefits of Academic Internship Program

Benefits for Corporates

-Opening up Academic Internship Programs allows them to nourish the budding talents. The best performing ones can become the future leaders of the company.

-It helps giving positive review to the business that is making talents grow under their domain.

-The business becomes able to get talented minds grow and develop new strategies under the leadership of their seniors. Many of them develop best ideas which turn beneficial for the company.


Benefits for Students

-Students get opportunity to gain experiences of Corporate World.

-The well-syllabus helps them learn a lot of practical approaches in corporate world.

-They get free training to learn about implementing these practical approaches. They end up gaining practical experience of working in corporate world.

This makes them compatible to get best jobs based on those experiences.


-They get stipend throughout the session. The Academic Internship Program will also present a sustaining stipend for the interns.

-There will be more games and programs which will have them win more rewards and goodies.

-The chances of career progression at the organisation. Many employers hire the best performing interns as their employees.


Note: We also provide Academic Internship Program for your business. Don’t mind checking it out! We create customised syllabus for each specific business. Check out more details here.

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