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Aayush Verma is a growing author and management consultant. In this platform, we create meaningful contents on topics related with various social and economical aspects. We also conduct research and develop new management techniques to help the talents and startups grow together. 

The career story of Aayush Verma

Miles to go with a kickstart

On Septemer 22nd 2016, I became able to see the name "Aayush Verma" printed in the dream cover page.

The starting career of every profession is like cracking iron nuts. The journey with writing and startup business is never an easy process. So we have to sacrifice a lot of things to kickstart your journey as an entrepreneur. And the most important thing in Entrepreneurship is having the right consulting and guidance.

A few of us only get the right guidance. And I was the one among those who never got the right consulting. Neither I had a huge amount of capital nor I had the right strategies to get my book published and run my business.

 When I started my journey in 2015, I was new into the field as an Author. So I had no any plans to jump in publishing field. But I had limitations in my life. I wanted to get my book published which was my dream plan. So I was very frustrated due to continuous struggles with publishing and black marketing.

All these packets of memories forced me to start something! But finally, I moved forward with my objectives while keeping the pain points in mind. But life is never as easy as it seems like!! It was a struggling journey to running a business. So out of the so many options we see today, none of them are intended to support budding writers.

From Writing to Consulting

After very deep analysis and workouts, I finally realised that there is the time to be more dynamic. So I decided to learn the "management things" and focus on all the pointers which makes a good kickstart. As I was enthusiastically driven to management, I started giving my time to it.

But the sad part for me was that many Authorpreneurs and Entrepreneurs were yet unknown to this. And those who were known,  never considered about it. Many new plans died immature death and the reasons behind them are all same.  

Later on, I started focusing on creating valuable platform while considering both the points as mentioned above. With this platform, we have to go miles with our objectives and we believe that we will achieve it all. 

P.S. I am open to new ideas, research and I spend most of my times in consulting and team management. You can write to me on aayushvermaofficial@gmail.com or connect me on Facebook.

The Professional Journey

Aayush Verma, Aayush Verma Author

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