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AGCS Memories: A Precious Memory of My Life

Aayush Diaries #1: I was lucky to hold one of the precious memories of my life. It is very hard to imagine the things which happened in the past. I find myself very lucky that I have a special memory image with my Principal Late D.K. Sir.

I completed my academics from the grounds of Assembly of God Church School, Bettiah. This memory dates back to November 2016, when I came to Bettiah soon after getting my books published.

I decided to meet D.K. Sir and so I reached the campus. Sir was very happy to see the complete transformation in me. It became the last meeting for me as our Principal Sir left us blanked on 18th July, 2018.

Today I will share everything associated with that precious memory of my life and days spent at AGCS.

Assembly of God Church School
The Exterior View of Assembly of God Church School as in 2016

The Precious Memory Line at AGCS

I took admission at AGCS in 2010. Life was going good but somewhat a difficult time for an introvert like me. It takes time to get adjusted in every new environment. 

But I was glad to meet cool friends Abhay Gupta, and Sanjana Gupta, and many others there. One of the best teacher Rahman Sir, Akhileshwar Mishra Sir was not less than a God for me. 

In 2013, I met a major breakdown moment in life. Then comes the entry of the amazing person who shaped my life. Our D.K. Sir balanced my life and took special consideration on me. 

When I was in Class 9th, I requested him to change my Section from 'C' to 'A' due to some difficulties.

Although it was a difficult process to transfer as it was a scenario of post CBSE Registration. But still, he allowed considering the promises which was made at once!

I agreed to all of those and also I promised that I will be back with something good. 

Aayush Verma, Assembly of God Church School
My old memory when I was in Class 9th

The First Story Created on AGCS and How It Changed the Way

In 2014, D.K. Sir gave me a Summer Vacation task to compose a story. I decided to work on a story based on our school. Definately as the story concept emerged out from same ground only. 

The story was named as  "A Look Back at AGCS:  Memories spent in Childhood". I submitted the story in Principal's Office. Mishra Sir was the first one to cross check it before sending it to Principal Office. 

When I was called for feedback, I had experienced many different approaches on the story. There was only a balancing person who boosted me everytime we interacted. We met many times during the last 2 years spent at AGCS. 

During the same moment, I was once again reminded of things which I have to do. I promised him that I will be back someday when I will achieve something good in this field. 

Writing My First Novel and Reaching all the Way

 I started writing a novel considering the problems of academics student. The novel "Student Life" took one year to write. The rest long time was spent at getting it published

The road to publishing for new Authors was very difficult. Back then, I made a goal of publishing my novel within 5 years. 

But nobody thought what was about to happen in the coming five years. 

According to the goal, I was about to get published by 2019. But our Principal left us on a dark morning dated 18th July 2018.

I never thought that we will get separated soon and the promises & dreams could have remained incomplete. 

Aayush Verma, Assembly of God Church School, Bettiah
November 2016: D.K. Sir holding my first novel Student Life. Photo Taken by: Rahman Sir

What Happened to the Goal?

By the grace of God, I got my books published on 23rd September, 2016. I was very happy to see the printed books in my hands. 

Very soon, I came to remember the promises. I was about to go to my hometown, so I decided to visit Bettiah and present my novel to D.K. Sir. 

Sir was indeed very Happy and proud while holding the title. He shared lot of things together. I was very happy and fortunate to meet him. 

Meanwhile, I made one request to visit the classroom. Louis Sir who was along with us, took me to Class 11th. We shared a small good time which became a good precious memory line. 

I was very happy to get endorsed by D.K. Sir, the one person who strengthened me! I am somewhat completed that I was able to complete my promises. D.K. Sir left us but gave a precious memory behind us. 

-Aayush Diaries #1

Date: 25. 04.2020

Thank you so much for reading Aayush Diaries Collections #1. I'm glad to share these precious memories of my life with you. 

 If you want to know on novel writing and publishing, please write to me on or connect me here. Don’t mind sharing it with your friends with similar goals.

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